Share Your Cell Phone Horror Story


Have you ever been unwittingly overcharged by a cell phone company? Put on hold for an unconscionable amount of time? Do you feel powerless to change your cell phone bill?
Well so do millions of Canadians nationwide. Canada pays some of the highest cell phones fees and citizens are forced into some of the worst contracts in the industrialized world. But OpenMedia McGill is here to show you how to make positive change to cellular communication in Canada.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has finally agreed to create national rules and guidelines for mobile wireless services. However, unless Canadians speak up and make their issues known, the Big Three cell phone giants who currently monopolize the cellular market will simply use the national process to benefit themselves and undo the few rules that protect consumers.On November 27th OpenMedia McGill can show you how you can fight back. The CRTC needs to understand just how much this affects you: the user, the consumer, the citizen, so at 5:30 in ArtsW5, OpenMedia McGill will lead a workshop on how to comment on the CRTC proceedings and make your cellphone woes known. Along with Professor Becky Lentz, Assistant Professor in the Department of Art History and Communication Studies, OpenMedia McGill will provide the resources and information you need to make a difference nationwide.

So come out on November 27th at 5:30 in Arts W5 to make your cell phone horror stories heard!

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