Media in Motion: Editor’s Note

Editor’s Note
Digital Blog Launch 2017: Issue I


As an American in the current political climate I often feel at odds with the world around me. Outside of the US I often get the “sorry” response to my citizenship and within California, my home state, people are demanding secession. Privacy and the effect of media have been central to the past election and the path the US and the world at large have entered. This first issue of OpenMedia McGill’s blog for the winter semester keep those tenants in mind. We explore ways in which privacy is violated in common toys and social media sites and why we should care as well as the effect media has in medical movements and social ones.

It is important to keep in mind the power our internet selves have on impacting change and how important our rights are. That’s what this issue is here to remind you of. The internet is a great place, but it is also a terrifying place if we don’t keep in mind the ways in which we should be protecting ourselves and how we can use it to move forward.

Vanessa Bret-Mounet
Blog Editor


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